Leopard C2


Vital Stats

  • Manufacturer: Takom
  • Scale: 1:35
  • Vehicle: Leopard C2 (Canadian)
  • Aftermarket: SKP Lenses

C2 FINAL (2 of 6)


I’ve always been drawn to the look of the Leopard 1 in all its varieties, from the boxy 1A3 and 1A4 to the rounded, kevlar-armored turret of the 1A5. Like the M60, something about the shape is just “right” to me.

So when Meng and Takom released new tool Leopards, I had to partake.

Takom’s Leopard 1A5/C2 is the first one to clear the bench, built as a Canadian C2. Overall, the kit doesn’t have the finesse of the Meng, or the same level of detail. For example, where the Meng has clear parts for the periscopes, the Takom kit molds them directly onto the turret and hull. Still, though, building the Takom kit evokes a similar feel to working with older Tamiya armor. There’s a simplicity to it that is refreshing. And the Orochi workable tracks just blow the Meng approach out of the water. They fit well, build fast, and don’t disintegrate under enamels and white spirits.

Is Meng’s Leopard the better kit? Probably. But I guess I’ll say this – I started two Leopards around the same time. One of them is done.