The Reviews page has changed! Looking for the old review page, full of bad links? IT CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Welcome to ground zero for contributor-supported, unflinching kit reviews. This section is just getting up and running, so please be patient while it gets increasingly polished.

What’s the idea here?

  • Full “naked” build reviews. No paint, no putty, nothing for the plastic to hide behind.
  • Decal tests on painted plastic, with an array of decal setting solutions.
  • Bracing (or refreshing depending on your temperament) honesty – punches will not be withheld, and neither will praise.

Review kits are funded and selected by contributors. To contribute, visit the CONTRIBUTE button below. To learn more, check out the MANIFESTO And FAQ pages.


Manifesto FAQ




Kit Selection – Round 3

I’m currently in the process of collecting review possibilities for Round Three. “Sure things” such as 1/32 Tamiya kits and Wingnut Wings releases will not be included. Nor will minor variant changes or repops.

Voting is only open to contributors. Stay tuned!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray Davis says:

    Hey there mate, Ray from Sydney, Australia.
    Just wanted to say, thanks for the reviews you do!
    Love the down to earth no bull shit style you use!
    Keep them coming
    Happy subscriber👍🏻

  2. Chuck says:

    Hands down this is one of the most informative scale modeling sites I have ever come across. Your review process is the best I’ve seen and the craftsmanship of the builds on this site is exceptional. I will be following for some time to come.


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