Building Trumpeter’s 1/32 A-6E Intruder

Blame it on Desert Storm. Blame it on Flight of the Intruder. Blame it on my own predilection toward ungainly and ugly and fearsomely effective aircraft. Whatever the case, the A-6 Intruder is one of my favorite aircraft, period. And almost certainly my favorite carrier-based aircraft.

I knew from the moment Trumpeter announced their 1/32 Intruders that doing one would be in the cards, but it still took awhile. I originally got started on it in 2015, but just ran out of steam. For whatever reason, 2020 just seemed like the right time to bring it back out and go down its very large rabbit hole.

21 videos and something like 6 months later, I finally took it off the bench. Easily one of my most…expansive projects to date. Check out the whole playlist below:

Precisely because I put so much into the video side of this build, it received barely a mention here on the blog. Which on the one hand, kinda sucks. But on the other hand, I’m only one person, with plenty of other things occupying my time, and sometimes something’s gotta give. Keeping various online platforms in perfect sync is often one of those things.

But for those who haven’t been up on the A-6E Intruder, here are a few photos and some links to the highlights of the build videos. Enjoy.

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  1. sinophobic says:

    Hey Doog, A-6 is looking mean and hungry, just like an A-6 should! Great job!

  2. Paul Moore says:

    I flew the Intruder in Desert Storm (VA-155 on the USS Ranger) and after looking at this model, I feel like giving up this hobby. Amazing!

  3. sinophobic says:

    REALLY appreciate your time sharing and creating the AWESOME videos Doogs. I was looking at getting the Trumpeter kit at some point, to go with my Corsair (which I still haven’t started) and this really will help when I finally get there. Now if only I had more TIME!

  4. Clyde Lourensz says:

    Hey Mate don’t stress.
    I really appreciate your efforts and your brutal honesty in the way you go about our hobby.
    I don’t think I’ll be tackling a 1/32nd A-6 anytime soon but your build has certainly encouraged me to start the 1/48 HobbyBoss A-6A kit that I have in the stash.
    Your video builds are informative and very entertaining.
    So if it will make you feel a bit better….a big man hug for you.

  5. Scott Murphy says:

    There is nothing ugly about the Intruder. I spent over 1500 hours of my life in one and it is truly a thing of beauty! No finer all weather attack aircraft.

    1. Paul Moore says:

      Scott – what squadron did you fly the mighty intruder in? I flew it in VA-155 on the Ranger boat.

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