Sopwith Pup (RNAS)


Vital Stats

  • Manufacturer: Wingnut Wings
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Aircraft: Sopwith Pup
  • Markings: “Black Arrow” | 3(N) Squadron | April-May 1917
  • Aftermarket: None


Bipe. Kite. Stringbag. Call them what you will, biplanes have always commanded a level of awe and terror that I never had for any other modeling subject.

So of course I had to build one.

I chose the Pup for a few reasons. First, Wingnut Wings. Owned by Peter Jackson (yes, that Peter Jackson), Wingnut Wings brings it. Fascinating kits, extremely good engineering. The best decal sheets and instructions I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Of all their kits, I chose the Pup because, well, I like the old Sopwith planes, and as yet, Wingnut doesn’t offer a Camel, Triplane or Snipe (though the last two are on their way)).

The kit goes together rather well. There were a few areas of difficulty (I was less than happy with the fuselage join, the cowl wouldn’t fit over the engine, etc), but nothing that can’t be overcome. And when it really counts – as with the struts or upper wing fit – this kit delivers.

The new challenges – particularly the woodgrain and rigging – were really rather foolproof once I understood the techniques I was using. Now the rigging was tedious, and challenging in the sense that the rigging materials are so small, but if I can rig a biplane, with enough patience, anybody can.

Overall, even though it took forever (91 days…double my average), I have to count the Pup as one of the best build experiences I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ve already added another to the stash. And this one will be wearing rather unique markings. Hopefully all the lessons I learned this time around will make the next one even better.

Just buy it, already






7 Comments Add yours

  1. mark says:

    fantastic,…captures the look!

  2. Splendid! Especially the worn effects on the cowling. Very nice!

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