Mosquito NF Mk.II

Vital Stats

  • Manufacturer: Tamiya
  • Scale: 1:48
  • Aircraft: De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.II
  • Markings: RS-B W4087 | 157 Squadron | England 1942
  • Aftermarket: Barracudacals Stencils | Ultracast tailwheel | Quickboost fenders

March,Mosquito NFII,2011,scale models,1/48,Nikon D300s,Tamiya


I decided to tackle Tamiya’s 1/48 De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.II as a nice, easy build sandwiched between two more complicated projects – Eduard’s 1/32 Bf 109E-7, and Wingnut Wings’ Sopwith Pup Type 9901a. The kit’s strong reputation and the nightfighter’s all-black paint scheme seemed ideal for a less-intensive build.

For the most part, I got exactly what I wanted. Tamiya’s Mosquito is a solid kit. Personally, I don’t think it’s in quite the same league as their best (such as the P-47 series), but it’s good all around and, once you get done with all the cockpit detail, builds up very quickly. In terms of fit, the Mosquito is about as close to perfect as you’re likely to find. In terms of detail, overall detail is strong, but there are a few dropped balls, namely the sad excuse for a tailwheel.

I won’t go into my issues with the clear coats and decals…as those are issues of my own making, rather than any fault with the kit.

Overall, while this kit didn’t stand out as particularly amazing, there was very little to complain about, either. It’s just a very well executed, straightforward kit. If Mossies are your thing, Tamiya’s iterations are the ones to get.



2011,Mosquito NF.II,1/48,February,Tamiya,scale models

2011,February,Mosquito NF.II,Nikon 300s 1/48,Tamiya,scale models

Nikon 300s 1/48,Mosquito NF.II,February,2011,scale models,Tamiya

March,Mosquito NFII,1/48,scale models,Nikon D300s,2011,Tamiya

1/48,Mosquito NFII,March,Nikon D300s,2011,scale models,Tamiya

1/48,March,2011,Mosquito NFII,Tamiya,scale models,Nikon D300s



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