Tamiya F-4B Test-Fit Review


When I got back into modeling in 2010, Tamiya already had a fearsome reputation for engineering and fit. At the time they were in the middle of their 1/32 Spitfire run, and those kits were something.

Over the last decade, it’s been amazing to watch them find higher and higher gears. The Mustang. The Corsair. The Mosquito. The F-14. The Bf 109G-6. The P-38. With each new release, they’ve evolved from extreme competence to what I can only call engineering swagger. It’s been really noticeable with the P-38. They’re showing off now.

And that’s never been more true than with the new 1/48 F-4B Phantom II. Good lord.

I’ll be starting mine in the near future. But for now, take a look at my test-fit review. It’s one thing to read about how this new Phantom is the best kit ever made. It’s another to see how it actually goes together.

My thanks to Danielle and Rudy at LionHeart Hobby in Kyle, Texas for getting this kit into my hands. If you’re anywhere in the area, be sure to stop by and check them out. And if you’re not, you can contact them at lionhearthobby.com – their webstore should be going live any day now, so keep an eye out!

Also, exclusive for Doogs Models followers – get 10% off Tamiya’s new F-4B from LionHeart! Just visit https://lionhearthobby.com/ and enter LIONHEART-DOOGS in the contact form to get the ball rolling.

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  1. Simon says:

    FYI Matt, Quinta new release QD48175 now up and available to order directly from them on eBay. I just ordered one myself.

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