Choosing a Big Cat

With the end of the Panda Pz.38(t) build in sight, I’m cautiously lifting my eyes to the next build(s).

While I waffle on aircraft (I’m leaning toward a MiG-3 and an He 162A-2), I have to say, the Pz.38 has re-ignited my long-dormant interest in armor. I’d been planning to follow up the 38 with a Soviet BM-21 Multiple-Rocket Launcher. Sadly I think my anticipated peaked too soon. And now in the true home stretch, I’ve found myself eyeing some big German cats. The problem?


I’m faced with three kits all giving me googly eyes…which would you choose?

King Tiger (Porsche Turret)
Panther Ausf. G
Panther Ausf. G
Tiger I Ausf.E

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick says:

    tiger I !

  2. Scott Atchison says:

    One of the new Kagero books has some great profiles of 1942-1943 Tigers. Pre Kursk there were some interesting schemes as the Panzer Gray was giving way to the three color cammo. Lots of mix and match vehicles.

  3. Andy says:

    +1 on the Tiger! Such a classic design. I have one in my stash with resin crew and aluminum barrel AND Fruilmodel tracks that i’ll get to someday… probably 2025 at this point.

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