Poland on Ice

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I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to…well you get the idea.

My first go at a modern jet, a Polish F-16D built from Academy’s 1/32 F-16I Sufa, has felt cursed from the start, when the Eduard PE turned out to be such a bust. From that point, the only luck I’ve had with the kit has actually been with aftermarket components – namely the wonderful Wolfpack cockpit and Aires gear bay. Everything else has been a mess.

I’ve been pushing through since sometime in late October, but I swear, every single time I turn around, there’s another problem that pops up. Another thing that doesn’t fit or another technique that goes horribly awry.

And so, I’m done. In another time, I might push through. With more jets under my belt, I might push through. But this kit has been sucking the fun out of my bench time for nearly two months now, with no signs of improving. I mean, now that I’ve got the fuselage together, I have to deal with:

  • The exhaust butt-ring thing doesn’t match the shape of the rear fuselage.
  • The nose cone doesn’t match the shape of the forward fuselage. There are overhangs.
  • The engine exhuast looks terrible. There is no resin option for the late P&W engine.
  • Filling and sanding will be the mother of all pains in the ass.
  • The kit plastic has a weird pebble-ish texture to it. Not smooth like it should be.

How many more months would I be looking at before I could even contemplate paint? No. Screw that. I’ll revisit this one later, after I have a few other jets under my belt and have a better sense of what I need to worry about and what I don’t. And hopefully at that point, it will actually be fun.

Until then, the Polish F-16 is being relegated to the Shelf of Doom. Apologies to all who have been following along.

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  1. kermitsbench says:

    Like you i have seen a more than usually large amount of shelved builds this year. Yes it’s annoying but ultimately you have a good personal reason to discontinue any build. No need to be apologetic for it in my opinion. If it sucks it just sucks and time for something new

  2. Roy says:

    failure is attempting nothing and succeeding, jabba the butt

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